I’m happy to see you here!!

The name i-farmer makes you feel a farmer whether you are a real farmer or not. People buy food and eat , But they should know from where it is coming, to build a relationship between people and to aware them about the food, i-farmer is the great source.

We help to aware people about the quality of the food, where customer tells us about their food preferences, what they like or dislike or share their stories and we will tell them from where it is coming, is it healthy for them or not?. We also share stories and let the whole world know. This makes consumer feel as he is growing his own food or may think to grow in near future, making life a lot easier from the grocery stores at least for buying the veggies.

I-farmer supports the social media networking in the field of agriculture and makes the promise of providing correct information about the origin of food company, its  quality based on the views and feedback from the customers as well as farmers itself. we also help consumer to grow food at home and get rid of grocery stories or paying high prices under the name of organic or inorganic veggies.

i-farmer looks forward to deliver correct information about farming, what we get, we share exactly in the same manner. With the help of i-farmer an individual has idea of his food, he can share the knowledge about the food,other companies which allows other to differentiate between bad and good, healthy and unhealthy.

Feedback and Information is our core objective and ask people to eat well and live well and try to grow well so that we can gain some sought of sustainability and makes this world full of exciting information about agriculture and practice farming as a second hobby or some might adopt it as a profession.

Share your stories,feedback and any inquiry at ifarmerweb@gmail.com 



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