Personal Care and Self-Sustainability for Quality of life !!!

Hi everyone !! Welcome back to the Farmers Blog life, today we would discuss the aspects of quality of life which would play a major role in setting up Personal Goals as well as Self-sustainability whether in life or in business.

Being a farmer both the aspects are important for finding the quality of life which includes quality of work,peace,leisure and all other important  time what person requires at the most.

Key elements that are important for living life with all the qualities are:- Living standard, Capital, Daily needs like food, cloth and shelter, Time for family and leisure activities. proper time management and job opportunities leads  to a safe and sound life.


Time management over the year for my farm plan operations to be done so that we can lead a quality of life.

December to February :- Plan for the whole year operations that would take place in the fields.Growing of various vegetables and adjusting the times for transplanting in greenhouse and fields too.

March-April :- This two months are important for the transplanting and sowing of seeds to begin the season .

May-November :-  Majority of these months would be for the harvesting as well as sowing of the crops and in last month it would be planned for cover cropping to maintain the soil fertility.

Healthy-Life Style :-  To maintain a healthy and perfect life style we should manage our time very sensibly and in proper way . When its work time just work but when its time for leisure and quality time for fun and family then that should be given priority.

Coop-Time :- During my coop season the time i spent their was seriously a quality time, proper on time as scheduled for week,month and for whole year. Everything was designed very properly and put into effect very beautifully and the results were obtained. Work start well on time at 7 am till 6 pm .  For the whole season sowing of seeds, its weeding and then harvesting was scheduled and quality of life for us was awesome. Lived the life of all time as management, proper management and freedom to do any work at your was experience of all time i had.

The experience for these 5 months would definitely help me for the my entire life so that i can manage my all planning well in advance and lead the quality of time.

Stay tuned for new blogs Soon!!!








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