Benefits of Community Involvement for business 

Hi!! Everyone welcome back to the exciting blog venture which has started its new era and exciting articles.

Today we are going to share out views and thoughts for the community involvement and its benefits for business and community itself.

As this picture depicts to make your business viable and progressive, you have to build a strong relationship within the community and them there involvement would lift up everyone either its business or community itslef.

I would like to share my coop experience here with a beautiful example of symbiotic relationship between community and farm.  Pfenning’s farm runs farmers market within the wilmot community where most of the people from the town come to by fresh produce and vegetables every thursday. Now the farm owner deals with them in such a nice way that they love to buy from them. Secondly even if they as for such a veggie which is not at the market they still ask them to wait and let it deliver to them either at home or at market within few minutes, this is how people love their services moreover get freshly organically grown vegetables.

This is the family from the town wilmot they love veggies and buy every week and loved to share their experience and luckily i got a chance to click this pic!!

Now i want to setup a business, first of all building a strong community relations would be my priority because them only there would br chances of survival within the marketplace. Secondly provide them best services and quality of produce.

Other than this i would try to create such an atmosphere that even if the community me or my business in tough days they would come out for help without even letting them know that i need help. Thats how we grow and that exactly the above pcitures meant.

Well, to make your business grow and progress then definitely such actions are required where we create opportunities even for community and they realize that yes it is helping us and we should contribute too. Like organizing fest, awareness campaigns, free food for the community people those who cant afford and create some volunteer work opportunities so that they also come to know what the ground realities are.

After these all point come and fit in the puzzle definitely i think i can raise successful business and community would be with me with its major role in it. 

Stay tuned!!! Still a lot more to come 😇


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