It was time to wrap up things !!!!

Hi everyone, after a beautiful experience of four months for this coop season with pfenning’s organic farm , this September 15th it came to and  end and it was time to say goodbye and wrap up things and start school again. 

From this four months when it was time to finish i thought that what i have learned, experienced and most importantly what changes that i have come up within me , i was amazed to have a big list but to cut it short i would just say where ever i go in entire life these four months would somehow somewhere would definitely play an important role and would allow me to prefocus and perform the actual field realties in a significant way. 

In my last week i didnt had much to say and do but the final day for farmers market and packing of carrots and red beets along with spinach was on peak. 

Coming to the staff , i would like to thanks jenn, wolfgang ,ekk and all the supervisors , coworkers and office staff to be very helpful, humble all the time. Especially Rupy Sister she was always supporting and helping us at tough times. 

Memories 📝

of all the time….!!!!!!!

Thanks 🙏🏻 everyone for being part of the memories of all the gud and tough times we had together . 

Thanks Fleming college and staff for being supportive at different times especially Sara kelly , scott King and Sherri Crump.


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