Unexpected Days 

Hi everyone, the coop season has come towards its last phase as the month of August was mixture of unexpected days. The month started with good news as the carrots 🥕 were on their way for the season ‘s first time and the 👩‍🌾 Farmer Market asusal every thursday. 

This picture was taken while i was working on the carrot line in the warehouse

Then next week came the Corn 🌽 of the Cob festival in nearby city Baden which was an remarkable experience for me. As we were a team and installed our booth and surved the people with sweet corn for the very first time in the season. Here are some glimpses from that day.

In the third week something unexpected happened which didnt allow me to work for rest of the month. I had an ingrown toenail which was so painful that i have to see a doctor get it removed and was on rest for a week 😔.  

But somehow on the day of farmer market i made it somehow to the farm as it was a responsibility job and i was very well supported by Racheal Duckers. I really wanna thank her for her major support on that day. Here is picture from that day. 

So that was all from this month which i think was unexpected for me. Would wait for ur valueable feedback. 


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