A Day out at Farmer’s Market

Hello everyone, i am back with another interesting blog update for all the ones waiting for the past month experience and i can say that it was another exciting month and now from the fields and production house 🏡 it was to interact with the customers at the farmers market.          Before i begin i would like to thank Jennifer pfenning for making me a part of this farmer market and providing me a chance to interact with the people and honestly it was such an experience that words would be quite less to set out my opinion and emotions. It was my very first time at the farmer market and it started around 4 in the evening and it rained before it was about to start but eventually by the beginning of the market it stopped and then it was really sunny evening. Before goinn to market we had an list of what the stuff is required at market and jenn expalined me it very nicely and then we packed our order for the day and were ready to set up our booth at the market .

Beginning with the customers the people are so nice and humble always smiling and it is such a nice relationship between a customer and a farmer. While we interacted with customers there demand for the food and feedback for various vegetables like red beets,green onions,baby zucchini and kambuja drinks was amazing to hear. 

Jenn helped me throughout the day and shared her experience and thoughts for being a farmer and how it feels when people have a smile on their face when they get such nice food and share her amazing recepies with them. 

Then i met an amazing little young boy who had great knowledge about vegetables and what his sister and grandmother likes in food. Thanks to her grandmother for making him take keen interest in farming and vegetables at such a young age. She also said that she never ever stop them from buying any food what they like if that is healthy for them. I also asked them to take picture so that i can share it on my blog and here it is 👇😇Till 6 we had customers but last hour was quite slow and we finished at 7 in the evening . It was such a day i would like to remember my whole life and now waiting for next Thursday so we can again bring smiles. Stay tuned and enjoy the summer because next week carrots and soon corn would be arriving with huge demands from the people.  Selfie 🤳🏻 😇 for the day . 


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