Coop Season begins With Spinach!!!!

Finally the day for the beginning of the coop season arrived on the 8th of may at the one of the Best Certified Organic Farm in New Hamburg named as  Pfenning’s Organic. Owned by Wolfgang who has been running this  farm successfully since 1981. Intersting point that i would like to make was his mother was also one of the best lady in this entire region know for farming and wolfgang itself told us.


Very First day was an intresting one as our team of five students from the same program and 3 students from different school were hired by pfennings for the season and the orientation was conducted by HR of the farm Miss Racheal duckers and all the safety and important points from empoloyer and employee perspecctive were explained in detail so that in further season no problem exists.This was the joining day for us for the farm.


May 9th , we started our season wih the harvesting of winter spinach which was sown in the field last year in winter but usually wolfgang said that we didnt have much expectations that spinach would have been available for harvesting because it was under snow but luckily we had this chance to cut the spinach and really it was an amazing day to start with.


Harvesting of Spinach:- I was amazed with the process of harvesting of Spinach. we were a team of aboutb10-12 people which were cutting down spinach with spinach knife and a giant machine operated by tractor was holding the spinach on a railing which is sent to the people standing on the machine and sorted out the good spinach and keeping it in bins and later on those bins were placed in proper way in the form of pallets. Each day we harvested around 4-5 pallets. Each pallet contains 40 crates or bins.IMG_2315

This is the machine as you can see pallets are well aranged at the back and a man staning in front is placing the railing under the machine. I clicked this picture just after we finished harvesting for this day. 4 people stand on the machine to do sorting of the good spinach and 2 people do the placing of pallets. So you can say it is a compelte team work and a lot to learn. I performed all the operation from the cutting of spinach to its sorting and then placing of the pallets. We continously harvested spinach for 2 weeks with some hindrance witn rain but couple of weeks we had good time with harvesting exeperince.



Bunching of Spinach:- This farm has its own speciality which is that all the operations are performed on the farm itself which includes sowing of seed,its weeding, harvesting then washing its sorting , packing, labeling, loading in trucks and then the customer market. one of the activity which we performed after harvesting was sorting, cleaning and washing and then the packing of spinach in the warehouse. we are not allowed to take pcitures during work in the warehouse so i had no pictures i hope later i can get pictures with permission.

Spinach is sold in bunches but before this its sorting is done manually alongwith its cleaning and washing. Bunches of 12 and 24 in a box are packed and are sent for labelling process to the next warehouse. I am glad to let you know that we have performed all the operations involved in bunching from its sorting till packing and hope soon would deal with its labelling and marketing if it is possible.

Overall it was an amazing experince with spinach. Apart from this we are bit slow in this season because of rains and wet fields so we had some memories at the farm which i would like to share like having fun on tractor and doing hoeing in the fields for kale , spinach and carrots. Being a primary account i dont have access to update videos on this blog so i applogise for that i had no pcitures to share for a free time.

One thing i gona assure you that still 4 exciting months are waiting to be on this blog. See you soon with some more exciting information and fun moments tiil then take care and enjoy the summer.

Welcome to farming.


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