First Day At Green Being Farm

This is my very first post and started with an exciting day at Green Being Farm which is owned by Tarrah young and her husband.They are doing an amazing work in livestock and here are some pick of the day pictures. Yeah !!!!IMG_1612

This is a look to the farm and still a lot more to come.

At first we saw some cows and pigs and all the guys from the class had a good quality time with tarrah and her livestock. here are some more pics .


Beth Callon asked me take a pictue in this cow shed and post it , Thanks Beth


Tarrah Young ( Green Being Farm) adressing us about the farm and giving us information about the cows being fed and their living habitat.


This was a shot took by me actually its not that perfect but still i guess it would work for the day. Signs of interaction between mom and baby.


Amir Atri an azaming guy in class gave this shot while feeding  the baby ,  Thanks amir for the pic.


Then came these cute pigs , like they were waiting for the pic to be taken, Look! at them scary eyes , Hnmm.

This half was really an interesting oneand then we moved to sheep and it was also something new to learn from tarrah’s husband.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here in slideshow you would see white dog names lucy living hapily with sheep. Nathan letting us know about sheep living habitat and feed they take also the drinkers they have. At last me in black cap took a shot last shot of the day.

Thats it for today stay tuned for more stuff!!!


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