Reflections on the Principles of Sustainbale Agriculture

Hi farmers, welcome to the world of farming once again. Now we are starting anew era of blogs which would be related to principles of sustainability in agriculture and much more.


This picture was taken during a corn fest in Baden city which was during my coop.

After a brilliant success to coop term now we have started our new semester with some new expectations and broad knowledge spectrum for sustainability in agriculture and the experience of coop and own creativity would play an important role now. So lets begin with the some questions which are to be answered.

Perfect example of sustainable and diversified farm!!!! Pfennigs Organic Farm

With my viewpoint, the experience of these 5 months at pfennigs organic farm have enlightened my ideas for sustainable agriculture + the produce which is completely organic. Honestly i want to say we have heard a lot about organic but to practice it in reality and see the ground realities, which let us know the truth how difficult its is to grow produce with certain organic standards properly followed.

My certain interactions with farm owner jenn and wolfgang helped me to know that they have been running this farm from last 30 years and after working at this farm i gladly say that yes it is completely sustainable and every year even though the season may be wet or dry still they manage to grow a huge amount of produce and feed the community. Coming to sustainability they grow vegetables every year following certain principles which maintain their soil its fertility. They follow proper crop rotation and in addition leaves field vacant or cover crop it to get it fertility and moisture to be retained. They have around 12 different farm fields where they have proper management of weeds,fields, plant to plant and row to row to row  and follow crop rotations as well as cover cropping and follow certified organic standards.


Well from all the book studies and my own knowledge we understand agriculture sustainable only when a particular process is being followed for a long term without any harm to the environment, ecology and biodiversity. After working at the farm and doing and seeing it at my own i literally believe how well they have understood this term and maintained it from last 30 years.

Yes, it has perfectly aligned to my understanding of sustainable Agriculture as from the organic point of view ,no usage of synthetic fertilizers, insecticides and pesticides. they purely depend on natural rainfall and uses molasses and other mixtures as sprays for controlling insect pest attacks. All they do is completely safe and sound for environment and for the biodiversity.

To be certified organic it is mandatory to follow the certain rules and regulations which also consists  no harm to environment and biodiversity and if you don’t use synthetic products for growing produce and to have good yield you have to follow such management practices and agronomic ways and which have to be sustainable too, so that is the reason they have chosen such practices and plans which give them good yield, maintains soil fertility and structure and no harm to the ecosystem.

yes, definitely if am going to operate  a farm in near future i would follow these management and agronomic practices but it would be organic or inorganic it is still controversial for me. Another reason i have chosen this because after being known the ground realities  it would not be so challenging for me to keep this on track and this certainly fits well in the crop plan which is build early before season kicks in. Economically it is also viable if everything goes well  by the end of season you have a fair share of money.

In addition to all my above writing i would also like to depict that this farm is also a good example for diversification as they don’t rely upon single crop as they have huge amount of crops and varieties  which makes it diversified farm. That is why from last two years even it has been a lot dry or wet still they were able to make a huge chunk of profit even after failure of certain crops like corn,peas, potatoes, green peppers and in high number around 25 – 35 acres. They also run their own farmers market and CSA which also fits well in diversification. Apart from this they have their own warehouse where they wash, pack and store the produce. Not from their own farm they also pack produce from other farms and sell it in the market which is another good diversification. These all are the points which attracted me a lot.

Stay Tuned !!!!



Personal Care and Self-Sustainability for Quality of life !!!

Hi everyone !! Welcome back to the Farmers Blog life, today we would discuss the aspects of quality of life which would play a major role in setting up Personal Goals as well as Self-sustainability whether in life or in business.

Being a farmer both the aspects are important for finding the quality of life which includes quality of work,peace,leisure and all other important  time what person requires at the most.

Key elements that are important for living life with all the qualities are:- Living standard, Capital, Daily needs like food, cloth and shelter, Time for family and leisure activities. proper time management and job opportunities leads  to a safe and sound life.


Time management over the year for my farm plan operations to be done so that we can lead a quality of life.

December to February :- Plan for the whole year operations that would take place in the fields.Growing of various vegetables and adjusting the times for transplanting in greenhouse and fields too.

March-April :- This two months are important for the transplanting and sowing of seeds to begin the season .

May-November :-  Majority of these months would be for the harvesting as well as sowing of the crops and in last month it would be planned for cover cropping to maintain the soil fertility.

Healthy-Life Style :-  To maintain a healthy and perfect life style we should manage our time very sensibly and in proper way . When its work time just work but when its time for leisure and quality time for fun and family then that should be given priority.

Coop-Time :- During my coop season the time i spent their was seriously a quality time, proper on time as scheduled for week,month and for whole year. Everything was designed very properly and put into effect very beautifully and the results were obtained. Work start well on time at 7 am till 6 pm .  For the whole season sowing of seeds, its weeding and then harvesting was scheduled and quality of life for us was awesome. Lived the life of all time as management, proper management and freedom to do any work at your was experience of all time i had.

The experience for these 5 months would definitely help me for the my entire life so that i can manage my all planning well in advance and lead the quality of time.

Stay tuned for new blogs Soon!!!







Benefits of Community Involvement for business 

Hi!! Everyone welcome back to the exciting blog venture which has started its new era and exciting articles.

Today we are going to share out views and thoughts for the community involvement and its benefits for business and community itself.

As this picture depicts to make your business viable and progressive, you have to build a strong relationship within the community and them there involvement would lift up everyone either its business or community itslef.

I would like to share my coop experience here with a beautiful example of symbiotic relationship between community and farm.  Pfenning’s farm runs farmers market within the wilmot community where most of the people from the town come to by fresh produce and vegetables every thursday. Now the farm owner deals with them in such a nice way that they love to buy from them. Secondly even if they as for such a veggie which is not at the market they still ask them to wait and let it deliver to them either at home or at market within few minutes, this is how people love their services moreover get freshly organically grown vegetables.

This is the family from the town wilmot they love veggies and buy every week and loved to share their experience and luckily i got a chance to click this pic!!

Now i want to setup a business, first of all building a strong community relations would be my priority because them only there would br chances of survival within the marketplace. Secondly provide them best services and quality of produce.

Other than this i would try to create such an atmosphere that even if the community me or my business in tough days they would come out for help without even letting them know that i need help. Thats how we grow and that exactly the above pcitures meant.

Well, to make your business grow and progress then definitely such actions are required where we create opportunities even for community and they realize that yes it is helping us and we should contribute too. Like organizing fest, awareness campaigns, free food for the community people those who cant afford and create some volunteer work opportunities so that they also come to know what the ground realities are.

After these all point come and fit in the puzzle definitely i think i can raise successful business and community would be with me with its major role in it. 

Stay tuned!!! Still a lot more to come 😇

It was time to wrap up things !!!!

Hi everyone, after a beautiful experience of four months for this coop season with pfenning’s organic farm , this September 15th it came to and  end and it was time to say goodbye and wrap up things and start school again. 

From this four months when it was time to finish i thought that what i have learned, experienced and most importantly what changes that i have come up within me , i was amazed to have a big list but to cut it short i would just say where ever i go in entire life these four months would somehow somewhere would definitely play an important role and would allow me to prefocus and perform the actual field realties in a significant way. 

In my last week i didnt had much to say and do but the final day for farmers market and packing of carrots and red beets along with spinach was on peak. 

Coming to the staff , i would like to thanks jenn, wolfgang ,ekk and all the supervisors , coworkers and office staff to be very helpful, humble all the time. Especially Rupy Sister she was always supporting and helping us at tough times. 

Memories 📝

of all the time….!!!!!!!

Thanks 🙏🏻 everyone for being part of the memories of all the gud and tough times we had together . 

Thanks Fleming college and staff for being supportive at different times especially Sara kelly , scott King and Sherri Crump.

Unexpected Days 

Hi everyone, the coop season has come towards its last phase as the month of August was mixture of unexpected days. The month started with good news as the carrots 🥕 were on their way for the season ‘s first time and the 👩‍🌾 Farmer Market asusal every thursday. 

This picture was taken while i was working on the carrot line in the warehouse

Then next week came the Corn 🌽 of the Cob festival in nearby city Baden which was an remarkable experience for me. As we were a team and installed our booth and surved the people with sweet corn for the very first time in the season. Here are some glimpses from that day.

In the third week something unexpected happened which didnt allow me to work for rest of the month. I had an ingrown toenail which was so painful that i have to see a doctor get it removed and was on rest for a week 😔.  

But somehow on the day of farmer market i made it somehow to the farm as it was a responsibility job and i was very well supported by Racheal Duckers. I really wanna thank her for her major support on that day. Here is picture from that day. 

So that was all from this month which i think was unexpected for me. Would wait for ur valueable feedback. 

A Day out at Farmer’s Market

Hello everyone, i am back with another interesting blog update for all the ones waiting for the past month experience and i can say that it was another exciting month and now from the fields and production house 🏡 it was to interact with the customers at the farmers market.          Before i begin i would like to thank Jennifer pfenning for making me a part of this farmer market and providing me a chance to interact with the people and honestly it was such an experience that words would be quite less to set out my opinion and emotions. It was my very first time at the farmer market and it started around 4 in the evening and it rained before it was about to start but eventually by the beginning of the market it stopped and then it was really sunny evening. Before goinn to market we had an list of what the stuff is required at market and jenn expalined me it very nicely and then we packed our order for the day and were ready to set up our booth at the market .

Beginning with the customers the people are so nice and humble always smiling and it is such a nice relationship between a customer and a farmer. While we interacted with customers there demand for the food and feedback for various vegetables like red beets,green onions,baby zucchini and kambuja drinks was amazing to hear. 

Jenn helped me throughout the day and shared her experience and thoughts for being a farmer and how it feels when people have a smile on their face when they get such nice food and share her amazing recepies with them. 

Then i met an amazing little young boy who had great knowledge about vegetables and what his sister and grandmother likes in food. Thanks to her grandmother for making him take keen interest in farming and vegetables at such a young age. She also said that she never ever stop them from buying any food what they like if that is healthy for them. I also asked them to take picture so that i can share it on my blog and here it is 👇😇Till 6 we had customers but last hour was quite slow and we finished at 7 in the evening . It was such a day i would like to remember my whole life and now waiting for next Thursday so we can again bring smiles. Stay tuned and enjoy the summer because next week carrots and soon corn would be arriving with huge demands from the people.  Selfie 🤳🏻 😇 for the day . 

Hoeing Vs Rain and Memories

Hello Farmers, welcome back to the blog where another exciting month experience is ready to be shared with you. After a successful and beautiful beginning of the coop season with spinach this month was also quite interesting as it was a funny battle of hoeing against rain 😀😀, yes this was like hide and seek while hoeing in the field with rain.  Well this month majority of time was spent in the fields while hoeing and to start it was like would it be easy for me some thoughts like this were running around my mind and first couple of days were slow and steady for me as i was not enough trained. On the very first day hoeing began for spinach and red beets. 

Second week was an amazing one when we started with hoeing of Carrots 🥕 and from first week experience it was easy for me to continue and at a decent speed. While we were in the fields we were taught proper techniques how to tackle the weeds and properly hoe the rows , here i would i also like to thanks Wolfgang(Boss), Blake and Ruby our supervisors who were with us as an helping hand all the time and on time to time told us how to do weeding with accuracy and speed. Then we also went to hor lettuce both green and red.Third week began the game of hide and seek with rain when we were sometimes stopped by rain from hoeing or sometimes we even continued in rain that was really amazing 😉 time of hoeing which was sometimes to cool and sometimes harsh and humid upto 32 celsius. Meanwhile it rained we also had some good  memories with our team members and really it is an exciting workplace to work. 

He is our iranian friend , requested us to tie turban in the breaktime😇. Then there was one more special day,it was Wofgang Birthday and we surprised him with this beautiful 🎂 Cake.This is all i had for this month hopefully coming months would be even more thrilling and exciting till then enjoy farming and summer. 😇✌️

Coop Season begins With Spinach!!!!

Finally the day for the beginning of the coop season arrived on the 8th of may at the one of the Best Certified Organic Farm in New Hamburg named as  Pfenning’s Organic. Owned by Wolfgang who has been running this  farm successfully since 1981. Intersting point that i would like to make was his mother was also one of the best lady in this entire region know for farming and wolfgang itself told us.


Very First day was an intresting one as our team of five students from the same program and 3 students from different school were hired by pfennings for the season and the orientation was conducted by HR of the farm Miss Racheal duckers and all the safety and important points from empoloyer and employee perspecctive were explained in detail so that in further season no problem exists.This was the joining day for us for the farm.


May 9th , we started our season wih the harvesting of winter spinach which was sown in the field last year in winter but usually wolfgang said that we didnt have much expectations that spinach would have been available for harvesting because it was under snow but luckily we had this chance to cut the spinach and really it was an amazing day to start with.


Harvesting of Spinach:- I was amazed with the process of harvesting of Spinach. we were a team of aboutb10-12 people which were cutting down spinach with spinach knife and a giant machine operated by tractor was holding the spinach on a railing which is sent to the people standing on the machine and sorted out the good spinach and keeping it in bins and later on those bins were placed in proper way in the form of pallets. Each day we harvested around 4-5 pallets. Each pallet contains 40 crates or bins.IMG_2315

This is the machine as you can see pallets are well aranged at the back and a man staning in front is placing the railing under the machine. I clicked this picture just after we finished harvesting for this day. 4 people stand on the machine to do sorting of the good spinach and 2 people do the placing of pallets. So you can say it is a compelte team work and a lot to learn. I performed all the operation from the cutting of spinach to its sorting and then placing of the pallets. We continously harvested spinach for 2 weeks with some hindrance witn rain but couple of weeks we had good time with harvesting exeperince.



Bunching of Spinach:- This farm has its own speciality which is that all the operations are performed on the farm itself which includes sowing of seed,its weeding, harvesting then washing its sorting , packing, labeling, loading in trucks and then the customer market. one of the activity which we performed after harvesting was sorting, cleaning and washing and then the packing of spinach in the warehouse. we are not allowed to take pcitures during work in the warehouse so i had no pictures i hope later i can get pictures with permission.

Spinach is sold in bunches but before this its sorting is done manually alongwith its cleaning and washing. Bunches of 12 and 24 in a box are packed and are sent for labelling process to the next warehouse. I am glad to let you know that we have performed all the operations involved in bunching from its sorting till packing and hope soon would deal with its labelling and marketing if it is possible.

Overall it was an amazing experince with spinach. Apart from this we are bit slow in this season because of rains and wet fields so we had some memories at the farm which i would like to share like having fun on tractor and doing hoeing in the fields for kale , spinach and carrots. Being a primary account i dont have access to update videos on this blog so i applogise for that i had no pcitures to share for a free time.

One thing i gona assure you that still 4 exciting months are waiting to be on this blog. See you soon with some more exciting information and fun moments tiil then take care and enjoy the summer.

Welcome to farming.

First Day At Green Being Farm

This is my very first post and started with an exciting day at Green Being Farm which is owned by Tarrah young and her husband.They are doing an amazing work in livestock and here are some pick of the day pictures. Yeah !!!!IMG_1612

This is a look to the farm and still a lot more to come.

At first we saw some cows and pigs and all the guys from the class had a good quality time with tarrah and her livestock. here are some more pics .


Beth Callon asked me take a pictue in this cow shed and post it , Thanks Beth


Tarrah Young ( Green Being Farm) adressing us about the farm and giving us information about the cows being fed and their living habitat.


This was a shot took by me actually its not that perfect but still i guess it would work for the day. Signs of interaction between mom and baby.


Amir Atri an azaming guy in class gave this shot while feeding  the baby ,  Thanks amir for the pic.


Then came these cute pigs , like they were waiting for the pic to be taken, Look! at them scary eyes , Hnmm.

This half was really an interesting oneand then we moved to sheep and it was also something new to learn from tarrah’s husband.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here in slideshow you would see white dog names lucy living hapily with sheep. Nathan letting us know about sheep living habitat and feed they take also the drinkers they have. At last me in black cap took a shot last shot of the day.

Thats it for today stay tuned for more stuff!!!